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About Capital Sacco Ltd


To provide a range of quality, competitive and innovative financial services that empower members to undertake Economic activities to improve their income and welfare.


To be a leading National Sacco offering superior financial services.


. Action Oriented
. Customer Focused
. Teamwork
. Integrity
. Open minded
. Nurturing
. Smart


Capital Sacco shall continue to be guided in its operations by the following Co-operative principles:-

. Open and voluntary membership
. Democratic member control
. Economic participation by the members.
. Autonomy and independence.
. Education, training and information.
. Co-operation among co-operatives
. Concern for community in general.

Founded in 1970’s

The Capital Sacco drew its members from farmers belonging to various primary marketing societies who were mostly from coffee and tea farmers.

Capital Sacco is offering savings and credit services to its members to undertake economic activities to improve their income and welfare.

Brief history

On 3rd February 2005 following the split of the giant Meru Central Farmers’ Co-operative Union (MCFCU) into independent business units, the Union Banking Section was transformed into a Rural Sacco and was duly registered under the Co-operative Societies Act as a legal entity.

During registration it was called Meru Farmers Sacco but the name was later changed to Capital Sacco in the year 2012 after rebranding.

Capital Sacco is run by 7 directors elected directly by members at the grass root levels. The Society uses delegate system whereby 50 delegates attend General Meetings. There is a Supervisory Committee of three members elected from the three regions.


. A person of 18 years and above, of good character and of sound mind

. Must have a minimum share contribution

. Individuals or organizations who open accounts with the SACCO

How do you become a member of Capital Sacco Limited?

. Fill membership application form

. Pay a registration fee of ksh 200/=

. Have a minimum of 30 Capital SACCO shares, worth Kshs. 3000/=

. Continuous accumulation of shares

Benefits of being a member

. Provide a system whereby a member will be able to accumulate his life savings in form of shares.

. Get access to easy and affordable credit.

. Participate directly in the affairs of the SACCO e.g meetings.

. Get dividends at the end of the financial year of the SACCO.

. Become the owner of a fast growing SACCO.

. Acquire interest from the savings balances.


Mobile Banking

mobile money transfer

Capital Sacco mobile banking services include:-

. Cash withdrawal

. Mobile loans applications


. Cash transfer

. Mini-statements

. Balance enquiry

You can easily access your mobile banking services by just dialing *346# from your Safaricom line and begin enjoying the convenience of banking from your mobile phone at any time.


M-Pesa Services

mpesaCapital Sacco is M-Pesa Safaricom authorized agent.

Our customers can easily use lipa na M-pesa Pay Bill number 520100 to:

. Deposit cash to their Capital Sacco accounts

. Pay loans

. Deposit cash to Mpesa accounts

. Withdrawal from Mpesa accounts

ATM Services

atm services

Its time you start using Capital SACCO Visa ATM!

Capital Sacco ATM Card can be used in all visa branded outlet to:

. Shop for goods & services e.g supermarkets

. Pay fuel, food and drinks

. Pay for product or services online

Capital Sacco Agency


Capital Sacco agents are outlet shops offering banking services to our members.

Agency service is a capital initiative to provide financial inclusives to community at “Mashinani”
It includes:

. Account opening for a new members

. Cash withdrawals

. School fees payments

. Money transfers

. Loan payments

. Mini-statements

. Balance enquiry

. Cash Deposit

SMS Banking

Capital SACCO runs an SMS service that notifies our customer about the following areas:

. When salary has been credited into the account

. When the loan has been processed and money deposited into the account

. When you have guaranteed a loan to someone.

. Income from tea, coffee, milk or any other has been deposited into the account.

. When dividends are received and deposited into members accounts / into the accounts

. When loan falls due after default.

. When receiving capital Sacco news and updates

Salary Loan-minCapital Sacco has partnered with government institutions, private institutions, coffee & dairy societies, and tea factories.

We process staff salaries of the stakeholders as well as provide credit facilities to the employees.

Need to know more about loans? Loans


Capital Sacco has partnered with the government institutions to process pensions for the retired officers.

We also provide credit facilities to the retired officers.

Standing Order Services

standing order-min

We provide free standing order services;

. Share deposit

. Money transfer

. NHIF payments

. Utility bill payments

Safe keeping of valuables

. We provide safe deposits facilities on share certificates to our clients for important documents and other valuables at a small fee. E.g Title deeds, Share Certificate etc.

Lease of Cash Box

. We ensure your have a cash box for your money

Education and Advisory Services

. In regard to financial matters, we offer training and  advise to our members


Share Deposit Account

Members’ contribution depends on one capability. Share deposits contributions may be Paid through standing order, over-counter direct cash deposit, Mpesa Paybill, Check off system, or cheque deposits in any business day of a month.

Registration for membership is Kshs 200.00


. Minimum non-withdrawable share for each member is 30 Capital SACCO shares, worth Kshs. 3000/=

. No minimum contribution for share deposit.
. Share deposit contribution is voluntary

Shares may earn dividends at the end of a financial year in accordance with the dividend policy of the Society and subject to AGM

Fixed Deposit Account

The fixed deposit account is an account where customers save non withdraw-able amount for a specified period of time usually one month, three months, six months up to twelve months. The account targets members who want to invest the certain amount of money for a period of time.

. Minimum deposit should be as low as Kshs 5,000 /= with very attractive rates

. Interest is computed daily and credited at the maturity of the contract period

. Accrued interest is forfeited if a depositor withdraws the funds before the maturity date

Upon maturity, the depositor can rollover the principle together with the interest or collect interest and rollover the principle or collect both the principle and interest.

Group Saving Account

This is groups saving account targeting the registered group

. No minimum membership but a maximum of 25.

. The group must have at least three (3)

. Opening this account will require a minutes authorizing the officials to open the group.

. No Minimum monthly contribution.

. Minimum account balance is Ksh,1000

. Withdrawal fees will be as stipulated in the KENPIPE Tariff Guide

. Account earn interest which is calculated on a monthly basis and credited at the end of every financial year

. No withdrawal limit.


Meet the current and future needs of your child by opening this account for him/her. Planning for your children is the beginning of their success.


. No maintenance fees

. An affordable piggy bank for child’s home saving

. Competitive interest rates

Capital Current Account

Capital Sacco Current Account is for bulk cash handling, individuals and institutions. With a current account, a cheque book is provided.


. Unlimited access to cash

. Bulk cash handling

. Offers an overdraft facility

. Issues cash against uncleared effects and cheque discounting

Access to mobile banking facilities


. Free Quarterly statements

. Issuance of debit cards

. No restriction on the number of deposits and withdrawals as long as the account holder has funds in the account

. Cheque book provided

. Access to ATM

Bonus+ Deposit Account

Invest systematically and earn @12% p.a

Our fixed deposit account allows you to choose the maturity period that meets your needs with negotiable interest rates.


. No tax deduction at source

. Option of premature closure

. Competitive interest rates


. Free Quarterly statements

. Issuance of debit cards

. No restriction on the number of deposits and withdrawals as long as the account holder has funds in the account

. Cheque book provided

. Access to ATM

Bidii Account

For dairy, Tea and Coffee farmers.


. No opening balances

. No minimum balance

. No ledgers fee

. Unlimited withdrawals

. ATM available

. Any amount can be deposited

. No charges on deposits

. No withdrawal limits

. Mobile banking facilities

. Can access your money anywhere

Ordinary Savings Account

Deposit of any amount is acceptable any time during banking hours in cash or cheque

Share Deposit Account

Under this account, you can accumulate your shares.

Jiendeleze Account

For the lowest category of entrepreneurship such as mama mboga, Sukuma wiki, potatoes, carrots, bananas, maize roasters, shoe shiners etc

Classic Account

For civil servants who are on performance and pensionable terms.

Vijana Account

For youth aged between 18-35 years.

Bodaboda Account

For customers who are in Boda-boda business

Jiinue Account

Speciffically developed for those people with a strong savings culture having limited withdrawal options.

Akiba Account

This account is withdraw-able savings account that targets savers who want to accumulate some funds.

. No Minimum monthly contribution

. No Minimum account balance

. No Withdrawal restriction

Savings Account

Front Office Services Activity (FOSA) is a group of financial services that enables SACCO Members to Save, Transfer Cash from one account to another, access fund through mobile phone and VISA ATMs.

All members are advised to open FOSA saving accounts.

This enables members to access their loans faster since their loans will be credited into their Fosa accounts without disbursement delays. FOSA accounts are linked to Co-op ATMs network and any other VISA branded ATMs worldwide.


Salaried Customer loan

Salary Loans

Biogas loan

Biogas Loans

Institutional loans

Institutional Loans

Boda Boda loan

Business Loans

Business Advance loan

Business Loans

Maisha Pamoja loan

Business Loans

Women Development loan

Business Loans

Development loans

Business Loans

Coffee Advance

Agricultural Loans

Kilimo Tosha loan

Agricultural Loans

Maziwa Plus

Dairy Loans

Majani Share loan

Agricultural Loans

Coffee Development loan

Agricultural Loans

Tea Picking Advance

Agricultural Loans

Tea Production

Agricultural Loans

Micro-credit Loan

Micro-credit Loan

Dairy Welfare Loan

Dairy Loans

Salary Advance

Salary Loans

Tea Bonus +

Agricultural Loans


Our Clients

Our Clients include:

. Flowers farms

. Dairy societies

. Dairy factories

. Coffee societies

. Business firms

. Education institutions

. Hospitals

. Government Parastals

. Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA)

. Co-operative Societies

. Government institutions

. Tea factories

. Self-Help Groups


The Voice of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) in Kenya

As the voice and lobbyists for Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Kenya, we at KUSCCO have been at the forefront of efforts to form and develop strong and viable SACCOs.

Learn More

Other Partners include;

SAFARICOM – M-Pesa services

EQUITY BANK – Equity Agency


The Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency under the Ministry of Cooperative, Development and Marketing. It is a creation of the Sacco Societies Act 2008 and was inaugurated in 2009 charged with the prime responsibility to licence and supervise deposit taking Sacco Societies in Kenya.

Learn More

. ABC BANK – Cheque clearance.

. Co-op Bank – Provide banking services.

. Agency – Capital Sacco agents.


                                 CORETEC SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS

CoreTec Systems & Solutions Limited is the vendor of our Microsoft Dynamic Navision, ERP software that we use for the Sacco’s operations.


Liquid Telecom is formerly the Kenya Data Networks. Liquid telecom has provided us with connectivity solutions as well as our internet services.

                                      SYMPHONY LTD

Symphony provides the Sacco with hardware solutions like laptops, servers and storage.



Oceans Kenya has provided Capital Sacco Ltd with the Digital marketing services of; Website design & development, Maintenance, SEO and other web utilities.


We have finalized the process of SACCO link ATM cards issuance to our members. Visit your branch to apply and enquire more.This is inline with the SACCO’s strategic plan to offer the best services to our members.


We have rolled out Sacco agency banking which will enable members to withdrawal, deposit, pay loans and send money to another account from the Agent’s premises near you. This increases accessibility to our banking services hence enhancing service delivery.


Capital Sacco has already opened doors at Kangeta in Meru county and Nairobi branches to cater for the high demand of our products.

Click the specific links to download;

. Careers

. Tenders

. Brochures

. Profile

. Tips

To Withdraw from M-SACCO

. Dial *346#

. You will get a MENU

. Press Answer and reply with 2

. Select Account then press okay

. Enter amount

. Then enter PIN

. Wait for reply

. Money will be topped up in your M-Pesa A/C

To Deposit To Account

. Go to M-pesa Menu

. Select Pay Bill

. Enter 520100 (Capital Sacco A/C)

. Enter the amount

. Then send – you’ll get a confirmation message.

Diaspora Membership:

Any Kenyan citizen living in the diaspora is eligible to be a member of Capital Sacco Ltd


. Buy Shares

. Open Accounts

. Invest on savings

. Acquire Loans

. All banking services

Want to talk to us from the Diaspora? Contact Us


  • Jackson Kinoti


    “We welcome all our members and customers to Capital Sacco Ltd. Feel at home.”

    • Eliezer Kaburu


      “At Capital Sacco, we thrive to add value and  increase productivity in all our stakeholders.

      Patrick MwendaPatrick Mwenda
      Thanks to Capital Sacco, Tea farming has never been an issue to me. Through the Tea picking advance loan, Tea production loan and Tea bonus Loan I have enjoyed all along”
      Dennis MutembeDennis Mutembe
      I used to wait for my salary payment up to late dates of the month but when Capital Sacco came my way, salary processing has been as easy as instant payments”
      Ken KiomeKen Kiome
      After taking a Business loan with capital Sacco, trust me I grew from nothing to something. Actually my business boomed with more customers and increased sales through the capital input from the loan.



      CAPITAL SACCO LTD, P.O. BOX 1479- 60200 – MERU, KENYA



      Tel: 064-31446

      Fax: 064-31675

      Customer Care:



      Meru branch

      Located in Meru town,

      0703 770 801


      Kanyakine branch
      Located in Kanyakine market
      0703  770 760
      Gatimbi branch
      Located in Gatimbi town
      0703 766 016
      Nkubu branch
      Located in Nkubu town
      0703 770 361
      Kinoro branch
      Located in Kinoro market
      0703 769 039
      Githongo branch
      Located in Githongo market
      0703 770 743
      Timau branch
      Located in Timau market
      0703 766 521
      Kiangua branch
      Located in Kiangua market
      0703 770 606
      Kionyo branch
      Located in Kionyo market
      0703 769 848
      Kibirichia branch
      Located in Kibirichia market
      0703 766 534
      Mitunguu branch
      Located in Mitunguu market
      0703 769 460
      Igoji branch
      Located in Igoji
      0703 770 739
      Chaaria branch
      Located at Chaaria Market
      0703 770 696
      Kangeta branch
      Located in Kangeta
      0706 715 824
       Nairobi branch
      Along River Road
      0729 267 393

      Is there something you’d like to know about our services?Contact us